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Screens, partitions, room dividers- there are many different names for this useful interior design tool and there are even more types, styles and uses for them. Ranging from the simple to the semi-permanent, the antique to the affordable there is a screen or partition to suit all needsburlap throw pillow covers, tastes and budgets.

In its most basic form, a screen is nothing more than four hinged boards which are able to stand freely through the angle created by the hinges. The really handy thing with this type of partition is that it can obviously be folded up and hidden should you wish to open up the space. These types of screens are brilliant if you just want to hide a messy corner, study area or the eternal bundle of clothes that occupies most bedroom corners.

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Though structurally basic, these types of screens are by far the widest ranging in terms of styles available. The classic Moulin Rouge dressing room style remains an eternally popular style for bedrooms and boudoirs. Generally finished in silk of satin with lots of jewelled detailing and frilled edges it is obviously a very feminine style and probably not going to impress the average guy. A simple wooden finish will probably be better suited for him. Available lots of classic and classy woods like teak, rosewood, pine and walnut it won’t be difficult to find one to match your?existing décor.

Japanese screens are currently very popular. Usually coming in a black lacquered or fabric finish they are a real style statement and would be the focal point in any room.

For those with a little more creativity and bravery, why not have a go at creating one yourself? Simply choose some curtain fabric and staple it tightly around a basic wooden frame. Repeat this process three or four time then secure the frames together with a hinge at each end on all. The great thing about making your own screen is the total control you have over the finish. You could even create some matching materials and cushions.

A really exciting and usual variation of screen is the bamboo screen. Made up of interlinked bamboo shoots, this type of screen able to curve and turn in any direction you choose. Not only does this make them extremely adaptable and useful as they can be quickly rolled away like a rug and can fir around absolutely anything, but it also means that on cosmetic level alone they are an extremely graceful and beautiful home accessory.

Due the popularisation of open plan homes and offices, we now seeing the development of much more technologically advanced screens. Whole walls of glass that is not only sound proof but can also switch from misted to clear at the flick of a switch is just one example of where room dividing technology is currently headed. Utility walls are another popular new tool for interior designers. Comprising of a half wall which divides a space without fully enclosing each are, and contains everything you would need in your living room save for the settee, these walls are very popular with fans of the minimal style and those who simply want a clutter free home as they negate the need for extra cupboards, a T.V. bench or shelving.

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Once again we look back to the 70's when olive and avocado green were hitting the top of the 'must have' colour charts. Olive green quickly lost its position as people thought the colour was depressing and murky. With yellow undertones olive green is making a come-back within the world of interior design, partly due to people's need to feel reconnected to all things natural, as well as being a colour which is surprisingly warm and easy to live with.

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