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I’;ve been contemplating doing a floral arrangement post ever since Whole Foods switched out their winter flowers for spring and summery ones, and now I want to buy flowers every time I go grocery shopping. Then, I saw this video on Refinery 29 of?Nicole Richie giving flower advice with celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh. It’;s pretty funny. Supposedly all white flowers = insecurity, and?fuchsia?flowers = pushiness. Here I was thinking that flowers are just pretty accents to your home, but really they say something about you.

Flowers instantly make me happyburlap throw pillow covers, but I’;m one of those people with a brown thumb. My flowers never seem to last very long and I’;m not sure how to arrange them. A few weeks ago I picked up a few lilac branches and a tall vase, but didn’;t realize that lilac branches are impossible to cut without gardening shears. I had no idea! Dan of course was not very happy with me as he was the one who had to try to cut them with regular scissors (don’;t do it). As I stood next to him trying to muffle my laughter he declared, “;You are never buying lilacs again! No more lilacs for you, Julia.”;?I thought it was hilarious. After that incident I made a point to pick up some gardening shears from Target.

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What I didn’;t know is that arranging flowers is an art. It’;s not as straightforward as one would expect, but anybody can learn how to make arrangements. If you have the patience and some of the right?equipment?(vases, shears, etc), even if you’;re a beginner, you can have pretty?arrangements?too. Here are some ideas:

You could take a floral arrangement class. Frolic blog is offering a four week long?floral arranging class?through It’;s a great way to expand your skills and since the classes are online you have the freedom to take the class anytime you want (no set class time), as long as you get your homework done by?Sunday.

Oh GP, I cannot deny my love of This post:?flower arranging by vase?is so helpful! It shows you how to arrange flowers in different vases. So if you’;re like me and own only a couple of vases this shows you how to shape the flowers and also provides a loose guide for which flowers to choose for each vase.

A Cup of Joe did a post on?3 ways to arrange supermarket flowers. It’;s a really simple post but quite helpful for those who don’;t realize that you can’;t just chop and plop flowers into a vase (that’;s mee!). So if you’;re wondering how to showcase gerbera daisies, roses, or how to make a bouquet at a supermarket then this is the post for you.

All too often a dumping ground for miscellaneous junk, a garage can be both well-functioning and pretty. Yes, really!

(Video link here.) Buckminster Fuller is on our list of people we would have loved to have met and talked to. ?The one-of-a-kind American?architect, engineer, systems theorist, designer, inventor, and?futurist was most famous for his invention of the geodesic dome. We love his?Dymaxion house, above, designed in 1946. Dymaxion was a Fuller design principle: designs and inventions that yield the greatest possible efficiency in terms of available technology, in other words “more with less“. (You can walk through the Dymaxion at the Henry Ford Museum just outside Detroit in Dearborn. Yet another reason to visit Detroit.)

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