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Fiddle leaf fig trees?are the hot new girl in school. They’;re trendy, everyone wants one, and they’;re everywhere you look, from?Fixer Upper, to Pinterest, to blogsburlap throw pillow covers, to the retail stores?(Anthropologie had three the last time I went). No one can deny that the fiddle leaf fig is having a moment and rightfully so, it’;s a beautiful indoor plant.?The leaves are large and a gorgeous, vibrant green, it makes a massive impact no matter the space, and they have a wonderfully graceful and slim trunk. They also work for any design style, whether you love minimal,?eclectic, or traditional. It’;s an indoor tree that holds its own in any space but gives a room some dimension and life (literally). Those bright green leaves?really make a space pop.

With that great vibrant energy of the fiddle leaf fig tree, comes the possibility of a temperamental attitude. Essentially you have to view your fiddle leaf fig as a pet and give it the proper care or it will give you grief and fight back by looking unhealthy or dying. I’;ve read so many blog posts about people killing their fiddle leaf fig tree. Always accidentally of course. Not knowing where to put it in their house is usually the problem, with people either giving it too much or not enough sun. This results in a sick, unhealthy looking tree.?So treat your FLF’;s with the same type of attention you’;d give a puppy or a newborn, and you’;ll be rewarded with all that pretty.

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Some people consider a fiddle leaf fig one of the easiest indoor plants to care for but I think those people just have green thumbs. I have a brown thumb. After reading article?upon article?I’;ve come to understand that this plant?requires a lot of care. The proper amount of light and water, dusting it frequently, and feeding it plant food. You can read all about it?on Apartment Therapy’;s Tips for Caring for Fiddle Leaf Figs. I hope that we get one ourselves soon but, until then I’;ll just keep reading fiddle leaf fig health tips and live off inspiration pics like these.

Touring Kara Vacca’s Pretty And Petite Richmond Retreat | Glitter Guide –; The classic. The stunner. The piece that brings the room together. This is really the best example of how a simple indoor plant can enhance a room.

Beverly Hills | Burnham Design –; A bathroom! Of course! It’;s such an unexpected place to see a?large plant?and yet it works so well in the space. It gives a potentially cold room some warmth and life.

Every Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from the Lonny Archives: Kay O’;Tool | Lonny –; What a regal tree?in its basket! The fiddle leaf really?breaks up?this classic room with an asymmetric look and your brings your eye right to it.

Moving In Together? 9 Decorating Tips for Couples | My Domaine –; I like how this adorable fiddle leaf fig tree is on the short and squat side. It works wonderfully with the space and other furniture that’;s closer to the ground.

Katherine Vo’;s Orange County Home Tour | The Everygirl –; You know?what your bookshelf and gallery wall are missing? A fiddle leaf fig tree. The result is more homey. More adult. Like hey, you read Kafka and can also?keep a plant alive, that’;s cool.

The “;X”; Bench Style It Challenge | Waiting on Martha –; The vibrant green of?the fiddle leaf fig is the?ideal?pop of color for this lovely room full of cool blues and neutrals.

Home Tour: Nina Dobrev’;s Bright, California-Cool Bungalow | My Domaine –; Look at how much warmth this room has. It’;s all gold and green and wood with just the right amount of modern pieces to make this cute bungalow feel sleek.

Modern Cube Plant Stand With Optional Fretwork | Remodelaholic –; Another simple, yet perfect fiddle leaf fig tree making an empty corner feel more alive and interesting, especially when paired with a modern plant stand.

In our household, Halloween is a big deal, not just because we all really love spooky movies and trick or treating, but because Halloween is the same time we celebrate my son’s birthday and my husband’s birthday, too.

Flickr/PSIONThe holiday season is here.

Today’s bracelet is nothing fancy, just hemp and a single, simple bead. ?You can have lots of fun making up several of these once I show you how easy it is to make a macrame slider out of hemp. ?This sliding knot is easy to put on and take off, and you don’t need an exact wrist size so it’s great for friendship bracelets too!

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