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Our reception is located on the 22nd floor of a condo in Ocean City. The bathrooms for the venue are shared with the pool locker rooms. Luckily, with it being the off season, the pool probably won't be in use and the bathrooms will be clean and not smell like chlorine. Regardlessburlap throw pillow covers, I always appreciate when I go to the bathroom at a wedding and they have things I might need, like gum, floss or hair spray. I decided I would like to provide the same amenity to my guests and decided to put together a basket for the ladies and mens room. I started my search at Dollar Tree figuring I could get the majority of things I needed there. I purchased my basket there which probably saved me $4-5 just on the basket had I bought them somewhere else. They were simple woven baskets in a natural green color which went with our color scheme. I also purchased:

I bought most of the same things for the men's room, minus the tampons and panty liners, of course. I made a second basket for the men's room. Anything that doesn't get used we can definitely use at some point. I don't want to plan to take anything with us on our honeymoon in case it does get completely used. I know this post isn't anything super exciting, but it hadn't?occurred?to me to buy most of this stuff at the Dollar Store until I was in there. I figure I saved myself at least $15-20 total by purchasing the things where the brand isn't important. Here is what my basket ended up looking like. I may add a little sign or not to make them more personalized.

burlap pillow cover diy

Image by me.

Overall, I'm happy with how they turned out and that it wasn't a big investment. I'm also glad that everything is reusable!

Do you plan on doing ladies room?baskets for your restrooms? If so, anything you plan to include that I forgot about?

At first I couldn’t tell if I was just clinging on to the dark hues of winter, but then I realized it was the contrast of matte black with bright white and spring colors that was really drawing me in. The thing I like most about matte black is that it perfectly melds together the aged look of rustic decor, with the clean finish usually associated with modern decor. ?I’m not quite ready to go all glossy and modern, so this is a happy medium. Consider picking up an accessory or two and notice how it can easily bring new life to your space and style.

I thought I’d pop in here and share with you a bit more about my book, Project Teen: Handmade Gifts Your Teen Will Love 21 Projects to Sew. I promise I won’t be inundating you with book related posts over the next few months, but I know that personally I like to have a good idea of what projects are in a book before I buy it. So this fall, every few weeks I’ll share with you the details of a couple of the projects in the book.

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