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In memory of Indu.

Indu was a good friend and colleague to us at Coyuchi. We will miss Indu very much and would like to share some of our fondest memories with Indu.

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Indu has been a part of my Coyuchi experience since I joined in October 2012. I have read and written her emails almost everyday since and it’s hard to imagine life without her. She was an incredibly hard worker, she was passionate about our product and our mission, and she was always up for a laugh when the time was right.

There wasn’t much Indu couldn’t do. She worked on development, production, quality and sustainability always with poise, patience and competence. Our developments can be challenging but you could count on her to follow along, to look out for what was best for our business. Sometimes she would make a recommendation for a program like the knot technique on an upcoming duvet and it would make her proud.We became one of few GOTS certified retailers in 2013 and Indu was eager to learn more about the standard. We attended the first ever GOTS conference last May in Mumbai where her passion for organic was so evident, she was so excited to be making new contacts and even connecting with old. Neither of us had been to Mumbai before and I remember her thrill of seeing the ocean, even standing in the ocean, and eating crab for the first time.

Early on we had two weekly calls on skype and despite an hour plus going over developments or production we would sometimes have time to talk about our lives. She would tell me about her gyming or her naughty dog, visiting her momburlap throw pillow covers, her love marriage and her very long and dedicated hair oiling process that she followed regularly. Indu also loved nature and adventure. She loved to hike and even tried going skydiving at a company meeting. I can remember when we would talk about one day meeting in person either in India or in the US. Seems so long ago.

I spent about 10 days with Indu this past December where her energy, professionalism and diligence were my everyday. We spent a weekend around Hyderabad where she went to university and were able to see organic cotton farms, visit with farmers and learn more about Chetna Organic. Indu was incredibly moved by the work of this initiative and the benefits of organic and I can still see her happily fixing her makeup while we were thousands of miles from home surrounded by cotton bolls. Indu was a true partner, like family, who was passionate, caring and strong and it’s this memory and others that will last with me forever. –Margot

Photo Credit: Mohan Gandhi, Chetna Organic.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Indu since 2011 when Coyuchi signed on with Indian Inc as our agent.She was recently married and had just moved to Delhi and was so eager to learn and embrace a new life in Delhi.She grew so much in the past few years and we have been so pleased to have her work on our business.While Indu’s work for Coyuchi was top notch, it is the relationships developed with everyone she met at Coyuchi, and her friendship that we will all remember most.

Many of us spent some long hours with Indu on trains, flights and car rides, and good friendships are forged as the travel time allows us to share our lives.She enjoyed the new experiences of visiting new cities, learning more about textiles and each vendor we visited.We were fortunate she visited us in the US last September and was able to see and experience a bit of our lives.And one thing I know, is that after any trip with Coyuchi, she was always happy to get home and be with her family.

I appreciated Indu’s ability to actively listen, whether in a business meeting, or a casual conversation, she cared about connecting with others. And she connected with many people at Coyuchi.She worked with a large group of Coyuchis, maybe 10 different people over the years, and every one of us has our own relationship with her.Our Production Manager Margot was on the most recent trip with Indu and enjoyed seeing how happy Indu was on their visit to Chetna’s organic cotton farms.Indu believed in the importance of organic and she will definitely be missed.Indu accompanied Molly to vendors last fall and Molly was very taken with the intelligent and vibrant young woman that was Indu.Indu always struck me as a well-grounded and thoughtful person as she could look around her and know what was most important.

We will miss Indu’s daily e-mails, kind guidance, personal notes and smiles.We are fortunate to have known Indu and are comforted by the fact that she will always be part of Coyuchi’s story.She has touched us all and we will keep her in our hearts and memories. –Eileen

I met Indu in late August upon her visiting Coyuchi and California. We Skyped weekly for many months and emailed daily on the PD front. Meeting in person, I was struck by the warmth and grace she exuded. She had striking natural beauty and ease in any setting. In addition to chatting about work topics and tracking PD for Fall, we discussed beauty secrets (coconut oil), animals we love (her crazy and lovable Beagle), and a myriad of other topics including food, her impressions of the Bay Area, and what life is like in Delhi. I have never been to India so I enjoyed hearing her impressions. Kirsten arranged for her to visit Muir Woods, and when she returned home to Delhi, she sent me photos and described the experience of the fragrant, towering redwoods. Amazing. For Diwali we exchanged photos, I sent her a photo of my 3-year old nephew in full Indian garb, sure to make her smile. Indu’s adorable and joyful phrases like “Oyyeeeeee!!” and “Oww!!” and smiley faces accompanied her many emails, never forgetting holidays and even my birthday! Such a kind and caring person. Her enthusiasm was undeniable and I will miss her greatly. –Maureen

Indu was incredibly hard working, and always maintained her composure and beauty, inside and out. Her soft spoken voice belied her firm negotiations with vendors, and I think this approach represented Coyuchi well. She was a shrewd business woman with a well mannered approach, always exuding elegance and charm. She was an incredibly valuable asset to our business, and her contributions greatly helped to make Coyuchi what it is today. Shewill be missed professionally and personally.I had great respect and affection for Indu, and will always treasure the memories of her, and the India she introduced me to. –Sevilla

Photo Credit: Mohan Gandhi, Chetna Organic.

To Those I Love (By Isla Paschal Richardson )

If I should ever leave you whom I loveTo go along the Silent Way,Grieve not,Nor speak of me with tears,But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.( I'd come - I'd come, could I but find a way!But would not tears and grief be barriers? )And when you hear a songOr see a bird I loved,Please do not let the thought of me be sad...For I am loving you just as I always have...You were so good to me!There are so many things I wanted still to do -So many things to say to you...Remember that I did not fear...It was Just leaving you that was so hard to face...We cannot see Beyond...But this I know:I love you so -'twas heaven here with you!

First of all, let’s clear up the term ‘vegan.’ A lot of people think it’s just a short form of ‘vegetarian’ – someone whose diet consists primarily of plant-derived foods, although some also eat eggs and milk products (lacto-ovo vegetarians), but no actual animal flesh.

You’re going to love this tutorial! I’m going to show you how to paint on fabric with regular acrylic paint! I have been wanting to try painting on simple cotton flour sack kitchen towels for a while and I didn’t realize that I could use regular acrylic paint on fabric. I was also eager to use a mixture of blue paints for a classic look.?I was thrilled to find out I could! I made the cutest farm style kitchen flour sack towels that will also make the best gifts!?? These were very very simple after a trial and error.

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