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burlap throw pillow covers Fall Decor- Burlap Table Runner with Leaf Prints (Sew or No-Sew) pillow case baby

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Has the start of November gotten your insides all excited for Fall?? Ooooh-weeee!? And my Christmas Pandora channel has been on for hours at a time.? In fact, it’;s on right now.? Who doesn’;t love a little ‘;Silver Bells’; by Bing Crosby while typing?!!?? (I love Pandora…;…;I never know what’;s next, but I know I’;m gonna like it!)

I love this time of year…;..but it all speeds by too quickly.? I want to bottle it all up and enjoy it longer than it ever lasts.? Bum.? However, that’;s why I love that we have seasons.? There’;s always something new to look forward to.

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I was browsing around Joann’;s last week while waiting to get my fabric cut (oh my word, their lines were insane…;.likeburlap throw pillow covers, an hour just to get fabric cut. yuck.) and I saw this simple printed burlap sitting in the discount section.? I thought, “;oooooh, a quick and easy way to add a little cozy bit of Fall to our dining room table. Done!”;

And with Thanksgiving right around the corner…;…;.we’;re all set!

The table runner is nice and long, so it hangs perfectly over both ends.

I sewed a single line around each edge, just to keep the woven strands from ever unraveling further.? But if you don’;t feel like sewing, skip that…; should still stay pretty well.? And then fray up the edges a bit.

And really, you could make it any size you want.? Or skip the table runner and just make individual burlap place mats, just cut down to a smaller size.

And then sit back and enjoy yourselves a little bit of Fall.

Do you need more specific instructions?

I purchased 2 yards of this leaf printed burlap at Joann’;s.? They also had polka dots.? I bought some red polka dots for Christmas.? Yum.? But if you can’;t find any pre-printed burlap…;…;consider stenciling some on yourself.?

The amount of burlap you need will differ, depending on the length of your table and if you want your burlap to hang off each table end or not.? Once you decide the length, you will only need half that amount in burlap.? Because this stuff comes wide, you can cut one piece into 2 narrow ones…;.and then sew them together, end to end.? I sewed the ends together with 2 seams, just to really secure it.? And then used an iron to press it nice and flat.? You can’;t really tell the seam is there once the decor is placed on top.

Then, like I mentioned above, this is optional…;…;but I sewed a seam a 1/4 inch form the edges, just to really lock that loosely woven burlap in place.?

And then I pulled a few strands from each edge, to give it a frayed look. (This also helps stop the fraying as well.)

Easy as that.?

And quicker than quick!



We are down to just a few short weeks until Christmas. About this time each year I feel like I’ve run out of ideas for gifts. I just spent yesterday brainstorming with friends as to what to buy for my 15 year old son (suggestions welcomed, he has nothing on his list). If you’re like me, time can be short but ambitions can be large. I always want to make gifts for my family and friends but many times run out of time.

We do love to be by the seaside... and if we can’t be, we love to bring a slice of beachside living home with us.

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