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burlap throw pillow covers Boy’s Brief Swimsuit- Baby Sunga! Free Pattern and Tutorial customized gifts for mom

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Sewing for the boy just got adorable. Stitch up a sporty brief swimsuit for your little guy and he’;ll be feeling all continental even if he’;s just hanging by the neighborhood pool. Ooo la la! Since the under-3 set is wearing a swim diaper under their swimsuit, this quick brief pattern is all you need to keep baby looking suave this Summer.

Keep reading for the Free Boy’;s Swimsuit Pattern and Tutorial.

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1. Print the Free Boy’;s Swimsuit Pattern . Tape the two pieces together and cut out. The pattern includes a 1/4″; seam allowance.

2. Cut 2 (opposite) pieces of the pattern from a Lycra or Spandex blend, or like I did hereburlap throw pillow covers, a light double-knit.

3. Fold both pieces in half with right-side-facing (inside.)

4. Sew or serge the inseam of both pieces. Here is our very helpful guide to How to Sew Knits: Sewing Jersey 101 if you are sewing.

5. Reverse one of the pieces inside the other with the in-seams lined up.

6. Serge or sew the crotch. I’;ve been writing that in tutorials for 4 years and it still feels wrong.

7. I finished the leg holes and waist with the serger but you can do a double seam or leave raw depending on the fabric.

8. Fold the waist inside with a 1/2″; seam and sew, leaving space to run 1/4″; elastic thru the casing. I used the Stretch Stitch on my machine but again, here is our very helpful guide to How to Sew Knits: Sewing Jersey 101 which provides additional options.

9. Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and run through the casing. The elastic should lay flat with the fabric un-gathered.

10. Sew the ends of the elastic together with several reinforcing front and back stitches.

11. Close up the elastic hole in the casing.

12. Hem the legs. Again, I used the stretch stitch.

13. Cut a length of parachute cord (or similar) to tie a bow. Sew at the center with several securing stitches.

And hit the kiddie pool ’;cause all the little old ladies are about to swoon.

At first I couldn’t tell if I was just clinging on to the dark hues of winter, but then I realized it was the contrast of matte black with bright white and spring colors that was really drawing me in. The thing I like most about matte black is that it perfectly melds together the aged look of rustic decor, with the clean finish usually associated with modern decor. ?I’m not quite ready to go all glossy and modern, so this is a happy medium. Consider picking up an accessory or two and notice how it can easily bring new life to your space and style.

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