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To make our home look stunning, we tend to spend on expensive furniture’s, buy the latest big screen TV and even collect knickknacks during our trips. It does the trick and makes the house look fancy but one part of the house gets sorely ignored. Take a guess? It’s the walls of course!

Very few of us actually pay any serious attention to our walls except probably slapping a clock or painting when it’s too sparse. Not only it’s a lazy persons approach but it’s unfair to the walls as well. Especially since with a little bit of research and with the right products, you can actually revamp the look of your walls and make it super jazzyburlap throw pillow covers, chic or funky, depending on your preference.

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Don’t have time for research? Don’t worry as we have come up for your 5 different kinds of wall decorative kinds. All you need to do is pick one or all depending on what you love the most.


Contemporary and glamorous describe this wall decor item just so perfectly! Geometrical patterns embellished with leaf motifs look utterly classy with the silvery finish. Bring this home for adding modern appeal to your home.


Goyal India Metal Wall Decor is a masterpiece with intricate designs; artistically crafted, this beautiful wall Decor is ideal to be hung on the wall to add aesthetics to the overall ambiance.


Designed with creativity and great craftsmanship this Home Sparkle Ganesha Wall Hanging is appreciated for its ability to make your interiors beautiful. Its remarkable finishing makes it a classic decorative product


Wooden stand and terracotta pottery, handmade and hand painted with 9 Pots. A feel of Earth a smell of soil! Made from terracotta, these handmade and hand painted artifacts made by the artists of Orissa are a striking piece of art.


For individuals who like to be organized as well as at ease, this stylish wall accessory will help organize even the most unsystematic amongst us. Made from premium quality stainless steel, this innovative stationery holder comes with memo holder, six colorful magnets, pen stand, envelope or mobile holder and three keyhooks.

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Today I’m over at Tatertots & Jello sharing a tutorial for this fun DIY Summer Pillow Sleeve! ? I love the idea of simple projects that you can use to easily change up the decor in your home for the seasons. ?This pillow sleeve is sooo easy to stitch up, it only has TWO seams!

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