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Saint Valentine's Day or, the Feast of Saint Valentine, now more commonly known as just Valentine's Day, is observed on February 14th each year. Today it is celebrated in many countries and Christian denominations around the world, although mostly in the West. In the UK for example, it is traditional to send cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts as a mark of affection for a loved one or special person in our lives, or to trigger a new romance.To keep it very simple, it began as a religious celebration of one (or more) early Christian saints named Valentinus. The most likely or popular belief is that Saint Valentine was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers of the Roman Empire who were forbidden to marry. The Roman Emperor Claudius II supposedly forbade soldiers to marry in order to grow his army, believing that married men did not make good soldiers.According to legend (or popular belief), Saint Valentine is said to have cut hearts from parchment and given them to the soldiers as a reminder of God's love and to encourage them to remain faithful Christians. These parchment hearts are possibly the origin of the widespread use of heart symbols and motifs in current Valentine's Day 'correspondence'.During his imprisonment, Valentine is said to have performed a miracle by healing the blind daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend again says that before his execution he wrote her a farewell which read "from your Valentine". This expression was henceforth adopted and is still used today.The day first became associated with 'romantic love' by the legendary English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, during the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their feelings for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery and sending greetings cards (known as "valentines").The words 'Roses are Red' are traceable as far back in literary history as 1590 and the modern clichè Valentine's poem which begins with the same, can be found in a collection of English nursery rhymes dating back to 1784 and would have read as follows:Since the 19th century, handmade valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards and a much more commercial approach to the occasion.Today, Valentine's Day symbols also include doves, winged cupidsaccent pillow case baby burlap home decor, cute teddy bears and red roses as well as the traditional heart symbol. It has now become a day where the romantics amongst us mark the occasion in a number of ways. Everything from a simple, anonymous, greeting card, to a cosy, intimate, candle lit dinner or grand gestures like diamond rings, proposals and romantic weekends in Paris!We don't sell greetings cards or teddy bears at Terry's and we can't book you a romantic weekend in Paris or send you a diamond ring, but we can help you create a cosy room setting for a romantic night in with the special person in your life.So as usual, I've put together a few tips and some carefully selected product, to help you to create the look and the ambience you're after in your home, without breaking the banklet's face it, you never know, you might need that extra bit of cash to put towards the diamond ring?!

If you are planning a romantic meal for two, or just a night in, then give some thought and consideration to your interior decor or at the very least to the table you'll be dining at.

retro cushion covers

By interior decor, I don't mean redecorate (obviously), I mean consider how you can make the room look inviting, romantic, cosy and relaxing with some careful accessorising.Your accessories can be colour co-ordinated to match your current decor or, if you have a relatively plain and neutral colour scheme, maybe with lots of white, stone, beige, grey or even black tones, you could go for red or red and white to give you a traditional Valentines theme.Little touches are all you need and with a little thought and pre-planning you can make a dramatic transformation, even if it is only for an evening.

Lighting can have the most dramatic and instant effect on any room. Aim for low lighting because it's flattering and easy on the eye. Aim to achieve this with lamps, candles or tea-lights. Dot tea-lights, or candles round the room for an ambient, romantic flickering effect that gives a wonderfully soft light. Scented candles are particularly effective too.Duo Table Lamp RedThis is the Duo Table Lamp in a Red colour. This product has a red glass base and satin chrome plinth. The lamp shade is made with a cream faux silk shading. This modern Duo red glass lamp is very stylish and would enhance any contemporary living space.Mini Stone Table Lamp RedThis is the Mini Stone Table Lamp available in seven lively colourways. This light has a fun pebble-like gloss ceramic base complete with a cotton shade both in striking red.Hoola Table Lamp RedThe chic design of the Hoola Table Lamp Red makes it a perfect accent for many rooms. This brilliant red lamp combines a bold colour with a smooth, flowing form to create an accent piece that will leave guests and family fascinated and become a conversation piece for years to come.Tall Stick Table Lamp BurgundyThis is the contemporary Tall Stick Table Lamp available in six lively colourways. This light has a polished chrome stick base with a rich and intense burgundy cotton shade. The Tall Stick table lamps with colourful lampshades can be mixed or matched depending on your colour theme.Zure Table Lamp RedIf you want to add the drama that only red can bring to your décor, the Zure Table Lamp Red is a perfect solution. The swirling lines of the stunning ceramic base are reminiscent of exquisite hand thrown pottery, with etched lines around the circumference of the base.Tobi Glass Table Lamp RedThe Tobi Glass Table Lamp Red features a striking red glass base on which three graduated sized spheres sit on top of each other to give an interesting shape and chic style to the design.Lynk Table Lamp RedThe Lynk table lamp has mixes bold colour and edgy design to create this great fun piece perfect for most homes.Tealights in Glass Jar CinnamonThis economic but delightful set of Tealights in Glass Jar Cinnamon can provide a wonderful accent for a table or shelf, but also supply an excellent source of deliciously scented tea lights for decorating or crafts. The snug glass jar keeps the lights clean and dust free until you need the lights for a romantic evening or simply want the delicious scent of cinnamon to float enticingly about the room.Small Palm Wax Layer Candle PlumThe Small Palm Wax Layer Candle Plum has delightful layers of brightly coloured palm wax, making it an environmentally friendly candle. The wax comes from South-east Asia and is a renewable resource that holds both colours and fragrance extremely well and doesn't wilt when the summer heat rises.Mosaic Tealight Holder MulberryFor a dramatic and elegant look, nothing beats candlelight. The Mosaic Tealight Holder Mulberry can help you achieve that look and more. The sumptuous coloured tiles containing, mauve, mulberry, pale blue, lavender and gold tiles not only look exotically beautiful during the day, they create a magic appearance when you light the candle at night.

For more inspiration on simple ways to create your valentine’s interior visit our Valentine’s Pinterest page.Rugs &; Throws

Relax in comfort and style.

A plush red throw will not only add a good splash of colour, but would be lovely to snuggle up on the sofa with. And a nice thick red rug will make a wooden or laminate floor look less expansive and warmer.Birds Luxury Fleece Throw / Blanket RedThe Birds Luxury Fleece Throw/Blanket Red features the palest of creams background with intense red floral design and black silhouetted birds fluttering across the surface as detailing.Supersoft Fleece Throw RedSupersoft is a contemporary fleece throw in a stunning red colourway which is perfect for adding a rich and vibrant look.Cable Knit Throw RedAdd rich warm colour to your home today with the Cable knit throw in red. With as the name suggests a textured cable pattern running the length of the design the cable knit throw will help to introduce colour, pattern and a layered effect to your soft furnishings around the home.Colorado Throw RedThrows are a easy and affordable way of adding some colour into your home, the perfect addition to the end of a bed or your living room sofa or chairs.Faux Fur Throw RedA gorgeous red coloured faux fur throw. Curl up in comfort with this supersoft faux fur throw available in a range of 6 colours. Decadent and stylish it will add a touch of luxury and warmth to any living space.Sable Rug RedThis is a stunning range of contemporary styled rugs which are handmade in China.Valentine Rug RedSimple, neutral and versatile are three words that sum up this gorgeous rug. This rug will add bold colour and timeless beauty to your home. Featuring English roses in deep red tones that create a stunning look; this rug's style is unsurpassed. Its stunning design is inspired by nature and is sure to transform any room.Monte Carlo Rug RedThe Monte Carlo rugs are the perfect choice for adding warmth and comfort to a living space. This is especially true of this red variation with a colour that will add spice to any room.Noble House JR04 Rug RedThis popular rug is rapidly becoming an accessory in most homes due to its lovely design, bold colour, and great price. It is hand tufted using 100 percent acrylic pile to produce a textured look that showcases piles of different heights on its surface. It features a modern and subtle design that is a must have for every home.Metro Wave Rug RedThe Metro collection includes a modern selection of wool rugs which are hand made in India.Cushions

Add some plush comfort to your roomScatter some red satin, velvet or heart motif, cushions on the floor or furniture for extra comfort and another splash of colour, and to mask any worn or tired furniture.Valantine Filled Cushion RedThe bright, cheery tones of the Valantine filled cushions Red add a dimension of playful elegance to any room in the house. The stunning brilliant red background enhances the embroidered appearance of the shiny white delicate design surrounding the heart in the centre, making it almost appear three-dimensional.Plush Filled Cushion RedThis bright lipstick red super soft velour filled cushion will add a splash of warm colour to your home. Plush Filled Cushion Red offers a generous size to suit all styles of sofas and chairs.Calypso Cushion RedOur Calypso cushion Red can add drama, fun or elegance to a room, depending on the décor and other accessories. It's suitable as an accent for a Victorian room, could mix easily in a traditional room or become a bold dramatic accent in a black and white ultra modern setting.Valantine Filled Cushion Black/RedThis stunning filled cushion will make a real presence in your living room or bedroom. The dramatic black provides the perfect background for the large heart design in a range of gorgeous reds.Sunset Filled Cushion RedOxblood rouge is the ultimate in style and bang on trend for this season. Oozing style and opulence, the Sunset Filled Cushion in red is perfect for homeowners looking for a refined elegance in the home. Inject colour and personality into any room with this gorgeous cushion which would be perfectly matched to contemporary or traditionally styled homes.OH! Filled Cushion RedThis red contemporary cushion design is perfect for adding warm bright colour to your home as well as adding texture to your living area. The OH! Filled cushion cover is available in a large range of stunning colours but this red one will stand out from the crowd.Sparkle Filled Cushion RedNothing says dramatic as well as the colour red and this stunning Sparkle filled cushion Red is no exception to the rule. You'll love the affluent look it creates and find that luxurious appearance fits well with many different decors.Jazz Cushion RedThis is the red Jazz cushion, and also coordinates with our Jazz ready made curtainsChenille Rose Filled Cushion RedThe stunning Chenille Rose Cushion Red brings the dimension of texture to your décor. A soft sea of red chenille envelopes the elegant cream rose design, which is highlighted in beige to create a dazzling cushion that's so nice to the touch.Lovehearts Filled Boudoir Cushion RedIf the Beatles were right and 'all you need is love,' then the Lovehearts Filled Boudoir Cushion Red is the perfect answer. This charming cushion sends a message that bears repeating and does it in a beautiful way.Is yours a Love/Hate relationship?Love each other deeply and Hate to be apart? (let's be clear here - I'm not suggesting for a moment that you give these to someone you DON'T like!), then here are some fun and funky cushions to express just that to your special person this Valentines. Sparkly sequins spell out the words on these boudoir size cushions which have been a talking point in the office since we took them into the range. The set is completed by a Kiss cushion and a Sexy cushion and they're also available in a much more masculine shade of black!Dining

A romantic meal for two

Dress your dining table with crisp white table linen and accessorise with a red table runner, napkins, tinted wine glasses, fresh red roses and, if the budget runs to it, some champagne on ice! And no valentines table is complete without juicy red strawberries or luxury chocolates!Zurich Tablecloth PoppyThe deliciously inviting colour of the Zurich tablecloth Poppy can be a ray of sunshine that brightens a dull room. This brilliant poppy tone can complement a pristine white décor, deliciously enrich a black pallet or create an interesting colour combination with aqua, yellow, olive, hunter green, mint or navy blue. It also brings life to any neutral tone and adds a spark of life to a monochromatic grey colour scheme.Hem Stitch Table Cloth 52" x 70" RedThe ideal colour to stimulate appetite Hem Stitch Red table cloth offers an affordable way to bring a new look to your table and eating area. Made from durable 100% polyester, Hem Stitch Red has a stripe effect running along the length of the fabric to give this beautiful table cloth chic style.Zurich Tablecloth WhiteThe Zurich tablecloth White is reminiscent of the elegant cloths found in restaurants of the highest quality. You can almost envision a violinist playing in the background as you sip wine and lovingly glance at your mate over candlelight when you look at the beautiful design of the damask fabric.Hem Stitch Table Runner RedDress to impress, Hem Stitch Red table runner will add chic styling to your dining table. This durable polyester table runner has a beautiful hem stitch open-work pattern running along each side allowing the colour of your table cloth to peek through.Fiji Table Runner RedThe Fiji runners from Riva can be used as table runners to add that extra detail to your table during special occasions or anytime of the year, they can also be used as bed runners to just finish off your bedroom look. Made from 100% Polyester this great runner has the appearance of red faux silk and has a pin tucked cuff at each end.Sorrento Table Runner RedComplete the look of your dining table with Sorrento table runner Red. Ideal for when you are entertaining guests, this vibrant table runner will enhance your dining table and will look perfect with your dinnerware, cutlery and plates. Sorrento table runner Red has an elegant stylised design in a vibrant red, which will suit many dining room decors and colour schemes.Wexford Table Runner Redhe wexford table runner is an affordable way to add some colour to your home and enrich your table with some bright and textured design. Not just a plain runner the Wexford has a perforated design around the whole length and width of the design, it also has a slight slub to the texture and a slight shimmer which adds depth and contrast to the runner.Vienna Table Linen RedVienna is a fantastic range of table linen designed to enhance the decor of your dining room. This 100% polyester design features a subtle self-coloured all over jacquard square pattern.Wexford Table Runner CreamIf you're looking for an affordable and easy way to give your table the wow factor the Wexford runner in cream will do the job. The warm textured cream will add texture and contrast to any coloured table cloth or you could just use this as a table decoration to add colour to your room.Zurich Table Runner WhiteThe Zurich White table runner has a classic leaf design which is self coloured and stands out from the background colour with an elegant shimmer. This lovely table runner is made from 100% Polyester and runs the entire length of your table and hangs over each edge with a neat point adding extra glamour to your table.

Dining InspirationFor more inspiration on simple ways to create your valentine’s interior visit our Valentine’s Pinterest page.Gift Ideas

Small gifts with big sentimentsIf you want to present your special someone with a meaningful, sentimental gift this valentines, then take a look at these photo frames and signs. You can't go far wrong with a picture frame, particularly if you've already filled it with a picture of a special moment or memory; and our love signs will help the more bashful Romeos (or Juliets) out there, to say what they feel with a decorative keepsake.Love Sign Jewelled Photo Frame WhiteIf you want elegance and sophistication, the Diamante Curve Photoframe Silver is the perfect choice. It's modern sleek design brings all the elements of style together with a bit of alluring glitter.Love Sign WhiteIf you're looking for a great accent for your living room, dining room or even bedroom, 'All you need is love', the Love Sign White, that is. The love sign, similar to its counterpart, the Home Sign, looks like an heirloom due to painting techniques.Rectangular Love Sign BrownThe Rectangular Love Sign Brown is a marvellous addition to adorn a wall or sit prominently on a shelf. The universal message of 'love' is never outdated or out of style, but this unique creation using metallic beads makes it even more modern and contemporary.Love Sign &; Poem WhiteYou won't find a more wonderful way to express your feelings than with the Love Sign &; Poem White. This wonderful sentiment should sit prominently in every home to remind others that no matter how irritating a partner can be at times, you'll always love them unconditionally.Shiny Collage 4 Picture Photoframe SilverThis montage of photo frames is perfect for adding four of your favourite photos too as it creates a sort of layered photo effect which gives your images a contemporary and creative look especially with the chrome finish.Anodised Photoframe 4 Picture Multi Aperture SilverThere's no better way to present a grouping of photos than the Anodised Photoframe 4 Picture Multi Aperture Silver. You can present a collection of family portrait shots, including those furry family members often forgotten in many collections or a grouping of holiday shots to highlight the best moments of the trip.Diamond Photoframe 4" x 6" PewterDiamond Photoframe 4" x 6" Pewter has both beauty and versatility. It offers an antique look that can easily grace a traditional room or fit comfortably in a Victorian setting. You can create a modern elegance in a contemporary room as well.Diamante Curve Photoframe SilverLove may make the world go around, but it also can enhance your décor. The sleek modern design of the Love Sign Heart Photo Frame White is the perfect way to display cherished photos of your loved ones or gift a photograph of yourself to them. The pristine white tones of the wooden love sign with a heart shaped photo frame in the letter O can go with any colour scheme you select.Love Table Lamp CreamThe delicate lines of the Love Table Lamp Cream make it a wonderful accent for both the family areas and the bedroom. This demure lamp has a mix of textures from the sleek base to the natural feel of fibres in the shade, but it's the elegance and homespun nature of the shade décor, the buttons creating a heart, which make it stunning and uplifting.Eleanor Table Lamp CreamThe soft flowing lines of the Eleanor Table Lamp Cream would be enough to make it a romantic lamp. However, the sculptured heart design created from arching branches accented with a flower in the centre completes the picture.

Jackie Robinson, founder of Animas Quilts, is an international teacher and lecturer and the author of over several quilt books including Jo and Erika’s favorite –?Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Today I’m going to show you how to make an easy baby blanket using upcycled t-shirts.? It’s a fun and simple homemade baby gift idea, and a great way to recycle some awesome t-shirts that you’re not quite ready to get rid of!

Drapes are a must-have in every home, every room. They can go a long way in infusing life and colors in your home, making it distinguishable and effervescent. While, they naturally play the role of ensuring your privacy and keeping your home cool during summers, curtains are also very effective in your home décor. They add meaning, color and life in a room. So, you need to make your choice wisely as curtains too embellish your home.

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