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Single use plastics have become a hot topic in recent years, not only because of their popularity and widespread use in our day to day lives, but due to their environmental impact. This mainly stems from our early, widespread adoption of them, which has ultimately led to us becoming dependent on them. It’s easy to see why we have adopted single use plastics –; they’re cheapaccent pillow case baby burlap home decor, easy to use, durable, and long lasting which makes them the perfect material for a lot of industries and people across the world – but there are downsides too.

Some have called our reliance on single useplastics the peak of a “throwaway culture”, since most of our plastic findsitself in landfills, oceans and waterways where they become hazards for sealife – sometimes life threatening. Unlike some materials, plastic does notbiodegrade, taking around four to five hundred years to break down, and eventhen it merely breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces over time. With thisin mind if we start looking to alternatives and using them in our daily liveswe can start to wean ourselves off single use plastics and reduce itsenvironmental impact for the better.

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The good news is there are lots of affordableand easy to find alternatives available. Swap your usual disposable bottles fora reusable water bottle that is strong andsturdy enough to be used over and over. Not only will it help to cut down ondisposable bottles but it will keep you hydrated throughout the day whileyou’re out and about.

Try swapping out your takeaway coffee cupwith a travel mug to reduce the number of plastic-lined cups you throw away ona daily or weekly basis, and keep your coffee hotter for longer. Some coffeechains have started to introduce a papercup charge to encourage their customers to bring or use a reusable cup everytime they visit. We can help with lots of travel mugs to choose from in materials including steel,porcelain and even bamboo to last you in the long run and save some money onyour next coffee.

When it comes to food packaging we usesingle use plastics all the time, whether it’s doing your weekly shop or gettingyour lunch. They are widely used to keep food fresher for longer and its clearpackaging lets us see the product before we buy. To solve this one, you can getcreative with your own sandwich creations at home and buy a reusable lunch box and food storage boxes to keep them safe until lunch.They come in a variety of shapes and sizes making them convenient for your commuteand they won’t leak or break like their single use counterparts.

Reusable plastics do their bit to help, butusing natural materials is even better, and we love the look and feel of our kitchen and dining items made from bamboo. They’re stronger, dishwasher friendly, and finished in abeautiful mint colour while also being 100% biodegradable to make your diningexperiences sustainable and stylish.

With these simple and useful tips you can begin to change your single use plastic lifestyle towards a reusable one that helps the planet and you. Keep an eye out on new lines from Dunelm in our efforts to reduce single use plastics.

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I had such a blast last Saturday with my family at the Canon “Let it Snow Globe” event! They even let me borrow a brand new Canon EOS Rebel T5i to snap pictures of the festivities, like this super cute train village inside a giant room-sized snow globe.

A leader in the sustainability space, KeepCup Founder Abigail Forsyth discusses the inception of KeepCup and shares simple ways to reduce waste.

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