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Beat the chills this winter by stitching up a quick and easy draft dodger. Not only does this project keep your house cozy by blocking cold air from leaking through doors and windows, but it looks great and saves on heating bills too. This tutorial fits most standard 36″; wide doors, but can be adapted to fit windows, sliding glass doors, etc.

Final measurements: 40″; x 5″;

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*If using a directional print or creating a dodger larger than a standard dooraccent pillow case baby burlap home decor, more material may be needed to achieve desired results.

** Poly Pellets are plastic stuffing beads that can typically be found with the fiberfill or doll making isles of most brick and mortar stores.

1.?Measure and cut two 41″; x 6″; long rectangles from material.

2.?Round off corners. This makes it much easier to apply piping (optional) and gives it a neat, clean appearance.

All seams are ?”; unless otherwise specified.

1.?If using piping, baste the piping?to the right side of one rectangle. If using the BERNINA Piping foot #38, place the piping under the right side of the foot, with the thicker left side snug against it while sewing.?

If you do not have a piping foot, use?BERNINA Zipper foot #4?with the needle on the far left, stitching close to original seam line of piping.

TIP: Clip the curves of the piping\rectangle to have the edges lay flat. Clip close to, but not through stitching.

TIP: To finish the ends of your piping, overlap the ends by crossing them over each other and secure in place with basting stitch. Snip ends of excess piping off even with raw edge of the rectangle.??

2.?Place rectangles right side together, matching raw edges. Sew, leaving a 5″; –; 6″; opening for turning.

3.?Clip corners and turn right side out through opening.

4.?Stuff draft dodger firmly with fiberfill—do not over stuff (like a pillow) so that it easily lays close to the door\window.

TIP: To keep from overstuffing your draft dodger stuff it firmly, then roll it on a hard surface to evenly distribute the fullness.

5.?To add weight to your draft dodger to keep it in place, add?two cups of poly pellets through opening, using a funnel if necessary. If you have difficulty distributing the pellets through the dodger, you can alternately stuff the dodger with fiberfill and poly pellets.

6.?Handstitch opening closed.

Finished with your door dodger? Tackle other drafty areas such as sliding glass doors and windows…. Just change the length of your finished project!

While Planning your Kitchen?Design or Layout is a task not to be taken lightly, it's also not necessarily a task that has to be done by a professional. Follow some simple rules and it's completely possible to plan your own kitchen and have your installation go completely smoothly. on the flip side of course, should you ignore?rules or cut corners when measuring, you can create your very own kitchen nightmare. The guide below is a jargon free, step by step guide to planning the kitchen of your dreams.

We're not going to try and kid you that mixing and matching is a new interior design concept- it's been around for many years, however with this year's trends of austerity, up-cycling along with the use of texture it's easy to use all of these trends to improve and refresh the look of your home. In the living room you can simply mix and match cushions on sofas and chairs to get the look – however before you rush headlong into re-vamping your home there are a couple of suggestions that you may like to take on-board and consider.

My name is Leni Levenson Wiener; I am a BERNINA Ambassador and author of several books—and best known for making art quilts from photos. Why from photos? I can’t draw! So if I can see it, I can capture it with my camera and create it. I don’t need to figure out all the perspective, proportion or the light source. Today I am going to introduce you to my technique. You can find more detailed information (including a workshop in a book) in my most recent book Pictorial Art Quilt Guidebook.

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