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Oh my word.?

personalized gifts for her ideas

I have been so excited to talk about the new Silhouette CAMEO.?

And it’;s here.? It’;s finally here!!

So, remember how I adore my Silhouette Craft Cutter?? I have used it a lot in the past.?

Click here to see all of my Silhouette projects.

?? ??

Well, that love just deepened.?

Because those darn Silhouette folks made the bigger and better Silhouette CAMEO.

And for those of you who have been holding out…; is being given away?(yay!!) here at Make It and Love It.?

Okay, there is also a discount code below for those who don’;t win.? So, everyone wins, right?

(You know you’;ve started your Christmas list already.? Add this to it!)

(If you don’;t know what a Silhouette is, it’;s an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paperaccent pillow case baby burlap home decor, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 12″; wide and 10 feet long.? You can customize the things you want to cut…;…;or purchase images [usually only $0.99] available in their online store.)

Anyway, I cracked open my new Silhouette CAMEO and revved her up.? I was also given their new little Fabric Ink Starter Kit.? So cool.? I have already done stencils for fabric…;..but this little kit made it easier.? So that’;s what I used my CAMEO for first.

And made a stencil to make this shirt for my little guy:

**The font is ‘;engravers’; and the Silhouette shape is called ‘;eagle silhouette’;.

I used white and grey paint and made 3 different stencils to achieve this look.

And my word, I think it turned out so darn cute.? Not bad for a $4 Tshirt makeover.

I was actually shocked after peeling up the stencils.? Ha…;…;way to impress me for my first time use, little CAMEO.

Want to give it a try?

I made this shirt by first creating 3 separate layers that I would use for my stencils.? The first first layer on the shirt was just random shirt wording: original quality, classic apparel, etc.? The next layer was the eagle with a ’;03’; beneath it (because my little boy is 3).? The other layer were the random numbers down the side.? I matched the 2 layers up on the screen to see how I would like it best, then separated them and arranged them on the screen for cutting.

(This is a peek at the computer program…;)

I removed the numbers on my first stencil and placed it down on my shirt (I put a few layers of newspaper in between the layers of Tshirt so that it wouldn’;t leak to the back) and then started dabbing grey (mixed white and black) fabric paint onto the shirt. The stencil is sticky on the back so it stays put while dabbing.? I only applied a thin layer because I wanted a faded look to it.

Then I peeled it up carefully.

After that dried (I used a hair dryer to speed it up), I placed my second stencil on top and applied a thicker layer of white paint, making the eagle and ’;03’; stand out a bit more.

Then I did the same thing with the 3rd stencil down the arm.

After all the paint was dry, I placed a thin piece of fabric on top of the painted area and then ironed it to seal the paint.? This will keep the paint from fading in the wash.

That was it.

Such a great way to make your own customized, yet professional looking shirts.?

(Go on, imagine the gifts you can make with this machine.)

. . . . .

Okay, so I know many of you have the standard Silhouette.? And yes, they still work great. (So no worries, you still have a killer machine!!)? But if you’;re someone who’;s looking to buy one for the first time or hey, maybe you’;re wanting to upgrade…;..let me show you the improvements that I like best.

First thing I noticed, well the size.? It cuts 12 inches wide, instead of 9 inches wide.? This is helpful if you’;re using 12 inch wide scrapbook paper or just want a wider area to work with.? (Note: You can still cut/print things that are wider than 12 inches.? You just have to turn your image sideways and you can cut/print up to 10 feet long.)

Next thing…;…;all of those little cutter blades are in one.? Before they had 3 color coded little blades that you had to switch out for different thicknesses.? Now, it’;s all in one.? And so easy to adjust.

Once I realized that this machine was 12 inches wide but my vinyl supply was all 9 inches wide…;…;I was a little bummed.? But THEN, I saw that you can adjust the rollers (the white parts on the metal bar) and move them in, to accommodate my more narrow vinyl until I use it all up.? Or it’;s also useful while using different widths of papers/vinyls.? I love Silhouette for adding this feature.

There are many more other things that I love but the last one that really impressed me was their new computer program to work in.? It’;s more intuitive, more organized, and you can adjust or customize your images so much easier.? (Note: You don’;t have to have the new CAMEO to use this new program.? Just update your old Silhouette program online for free…;.and you can feel just as fancy in the new program.

In case you need a few more reasons to buy this little beauty (or to help convince Santa), here are a few other things I have done with my Silhouette:

Remember, go here to see the tutorials for all of the projects shown above.

. . . . .

Okay, enough about that.? And onto the free stuff.? That’;s the good part of this post anyway, right?

Silhouette is giving away a brank spankin’; new CAMEO ($299.99 value) to one of you Make It and Love It readers.? Hip-Hip-Hooray.? Plus, you will receive your choice of one of the following 4 starter kits ($39.99 value): Fabric Ink, Vinyl, Heat Transfer, Rhinestone

And you don’;t even have to send me treats or say nice things about my big feet to enter.? (Those things are nice to do anyway, just so you know!)

One of you lucky ducks will get this bundle all for your very own.? For free.?

It will feel like Christmas.? Or Hanukkah.? Or your birthday.? Or…;…;you get the idea.

Click here to enter the giveaway and view discount.

(entry rules are at the bottom of that post)

Comments left on this post will not be included in the giveaway.? You must click over to this other post.

Update: Giveaway Closed!!!!!

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