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A lot can happen over coffee, it’s true. But if you think that coffee tables should be simple and dull, then you need to think again. A trendyaccent pillow case baby burlap home decor, stylish and interesting looking coffee table can change the overall mood and theme of the room and upgrade the style quotients by notches.

Today we have compiled a list of 5 super cool coffee tables for you. No matter what your style preference is, you will find something you will like or love for you. And if you want to check out our entire collection of coffee tables, just click here.

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Mango Wood Round Coffee table

Price: Rs.10, 299

Mint Urbane Coffee Table

Price: Rs.6, 699

Ethnic Mango Wood Coffee Table

Price: Rs.11, 499

Basil Two Tone Coffee Table

Price: Rs.5, 999

Saffron Modish Coffee Table with Stools on Wheels

Price: Rs.24, 999

I bought a Kindle Paperwhite recently and was looking for a good hard case cover for it. I found few instructables?where they were using elastic bands on the edges of the reader to hold it. I did not like that idea, so went with creating the one below.

Our kitchen may have stalled out in late spring, but we’re still enjoying it. Little by little I’ve been unpacking boxes from the basement, organizing and decorating our new kitchen. For the first time in 3 years, I was?so excited to infuse a little fall kitchen decor as part of our Seasons of Home series.

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