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Autumn and winter means cold and rain, but also the best excuse to stay indoors and get comfortable. Between comfort food, home baking, snuggling up with a hot chocolate and a book (or your latest Netflix obsession), there’;s plenty of ways to create a cosy retreat to hide from the elements and keep the chills away over those colder winter months.

Steaming bowls of soup, hearty stews, freshly baked bread (from a bread maker still counts), buttery baked potatoes, crumbles, baked apples with a hint of cinnamon… winter food, your flavours and scents are so good to us.

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As wonderful as food isaccent pillow case baby burlap home decor, it takes some effort to make, and it takes you away from the sofa lounging you’;ve been daydreaming about at your desk. Our top tip to avoid the kitchen as much as possible is to be productive in advance so you can be wonderfully lazy when it matters. Casseroles, slow cookers, and soup makers are all a great investment if you want to be rich in both comfort food and time.

The other great thing about these easy cooking techniques is they make bulk-portions possible. Any food you don’;t eat straight away can be frozen and eaten another day, meaning you’;re looking out for future you too.

Sometimes it’;s worth pushing the boat out and dedicating a little more time and effort in for long term gain. Autumn goes hand in hand with some iconic seasonal bakes you won’;t regret making an effort for, like our pecan pie recipe.

A grand fireplace emitting a warm glow, casting flickering shadows across the room while the logs gentle crackle and the sweet woody scent fills the air…; That’;s probably what you imagine when you think about a cosy winter room. Yes it’;s idyllic, but it’;s not a reality for a lot of us, and to be honest, it’;s not necessary either.

The sofa (or ‘;pre-sleep napping area’; as we sometimes like to call it) is the key to your enjoyment of chilly evenings and lazy Sundays, and all you need to turn it into a snuggly haven is the addition of a few soft touches.

Add cushions with all sorts of soft and comforting textures. They’;re great for making your sofa feel like one big squishy oasis, and are just about the easiest and most affordable way to add a bit of seasonal colour too. Not just great for leaning against, they double up as pillows when it’;s getting late and you just need to finish the end of that chapter, or push through the final episode in that must-see series.

Throws have one of those ‘;does what it says on the tin’; names don’t they? You can literally throw them around –; over yourself like a blanket, swished around you to keep that cosiness locked-in as you shuffle through the house, or over your sofa to give it a new look (that can be grabbed to perform these other tasks). Big and fluffy, faux fur, chunky knits,? mix and match the comforting textures of your choice and get ready to never want to leave your living room again.

Don’;t forget those sensitive toes. At some point you will need to leave your homemade nest to refill your cup or change the DVD (you can get around this by using a streaming service).?Make the transition from cosy cocoon to ‘;the outside’; easier and fluffier with a thick deep pile rug or soft sheepskin to step onto. They have that perfect sink-in-able feeling that’;ll hug your toes while you prepare to leave the snuggle zone.

Lighting plays a big part in setting the mood you want to create. Once you’;ve got the feel of the living room just right, and you can smell dinner wafting through from the kitchen, you don’;t want to spoil your evening’;s relaxation because it’;s a toss-up between bright overhead lights shining in your eyes or sitting in darkness and probably spilling soup down yourself.

Side lighting works a treat in this situation, so think about adding a table lamp or maybe a floor lamp that will make sure you can still see everything, but won’;t feel like the midday sun beaming down. You can also use a lower brightness bulb, or change your overhead lampshade to one that obscures the naked bulb or will gently diffuse the light.

While we’;re on the subject of mood lighting, we’;ll neatly segue into…

Nothing suggests serenity like the gentle glow of a candle, and they go hand in hand with a cosy night in. From a decorative coffee table centrepiece to tiny tealights dotted around, once you’;re ready to really sit back and relax, light those wicks and away you go.

The subject of scent can divide, with some noses being more sensitive than others, but if you’;re a fan of something sensational to sniff there’;s some great choices out there. Woody scents go well with the season, as well as spiced notes, musk and rich fruits.

If candles aren’;t a practical choice for your home, try a reed diffuser instead. There’;s no light but you do get to enjoy a constant fragrance.

Autumnal colours make any space feel cosy and warm, with all those colour-changing leaf tones synonymous with the season that complement each other beautifully.

Have you considered a comfort box, or drawer? Fill it to the brim with cosy, comforting things that will help you enjoy your relaxation time just a little bit more. We love fluffy socks, fancy biscuits, those premium chocolate bars you can buy in mini sizes, a book we’;ve been meaning to read, a magazine for when our book seems like too much of a commitment, a beautiful notebook to jot down ideas and plans, crafts, and anything else we can think of. Keep it to hand and dip in for an extra treat.

Some of our favourite ways to get cosy:

With summer here, we are in full “Spruce Up” mode and have started a few Easy Backyard Projects. I still haven’t set up our Outdoor Room under our deck?with our drop cloth curtains, but I’ll hopefully get to it soon.

Sleep Number bed innovations and tech recognized by media outlets in 2017.

Here’s a few tried-and-true tricks to make gorgeous last minute holiday centerpieces out of cheap bouquets. These bouquets were less then each!

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